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  1. The purpose of this course is for education and training of neurosurgeons in training within structured training programs or fully qualified and experienced neurosurgeons. The techniques, methods and opinions are demonstrated and expressed from extremely experienced neurosurgeons and neuro clinicians who required many years of training and practice before reaching the current level of knowledge and skill.  Please do not attempt to replicate these techniques in your own patients unless you are appropriately trained and supervised. Decisions on specific patient management should be taken within the contains of multidisciplinary meetings. 

  2.  A large number of people are working very hard to make this course run as advertised. Although we run with an unprecedented record of adhering to our program, reasons beyond our control may require to omit certain activities; cancel parts of live surgery or Master's Seminars; and move to a different venue. This may originate from numerous reasons including but not limited to technical/equipment failure; travel cancellations; or physical inability of the speaker/surgeon to perform a specific presentation/surgery. This is extremely unlikely but not impossible. In such cases, the Course organisers will not refund Course fees or travel/accommodation expenses.

  3.  Video and photography are not permitted during the course. The course organisers have no permission from the patients or faculty members to publicise such material. In case that such material appears in the public domain, personal, educational or public websites, the delegates who recorded or disseminated the material will have the full legal responsibility and will be liable in a court of law.  

  4.  Course participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements and accommodation. It is the responsibility of the Course participants to liaise directly with travel advisors without interventions from the Course organisers.

  5.  Food and drinks during the course are provided at times detailed by the course program. The course organisers are able to provide a vegetarian option free of additional charge. For any other dietary requirements, including forms of food allergy,  the Course participants should make their own provisions. Course participants should not contact the Course catering services requesting specific dietary requirements, even if they are prepared to settle the additional costs incurred themselves. 

  6.  Some of the social activities are complimentary and achieved via negotiations of the Course organisation committee. No discount or partial refund will be provided for delegates who do not wish to participate in the social activities or lunch breaks. 

  7.  Our cancellation policy is provided above under "Cancellation Policy".

  8.  There are two different registration fees, one for qualified neurosurgeons and one of residents/fellows. We do not ask for proof of training status, because we trust you. However, registration to the wrong category may result in not being awarded the Course certificate.

  9.  Delegates will receive the certificate by email. This email will be sent once during the first week after the course. 

  10.  During the course activities, including social events, photographs and video might be taken for quality monitoring or promotional reasons. This footage may appear in printed material or online publications. Course participants agree for their photo or video to be published in such material or media unless explicitly stated to the course organisers.

  11. From time to time the Course organising committee will offer limited-time modest promotional codes to specific groups of surgeons in professional organisations. Delegates who could be entitled to such discount but did not apply the discount code, will not be refunded the difference subsequently, due to administrative cost and refund fees imposed by online payment systems. 

  12.  By registering to the course and paying your registration fee you confirm that you agree to all the above terms and conditions as detailed above.


Unexpected things might happen to all of us, we understand! We want and will help but bear in mind that this course has strictly limited places and by booking a place you are actually blocking a place which is great for you (you are in!) but not good for others (they are out!). Delegates need to take leave well in advance (summer everybody wants to take leave) book flights and hotels, and the later they book the more difficult would be to make arrangements and more expensive the travel will be. So late cancellations mean other delegates won't have time to make arrangements and we have to run an enormously difficult and extremely expensive course. So here's the agreement:

  • Cancellations until 10 February 2020, full refund minus 4% admin fee

  • Cancellations between 10 February and 1 April, 50% refund 

  • Cancellations after 1 April, no refund (sorry)

However, you can ask a colleague of yours to take your place until 1 July 2020, at no extra cost, just ask your colleague to pay you and give him/her your place and email us their full details. We believe that's all honest and fair

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